VISUAL IMAGE is a boutique post house in the heart of Hollywood with a hands on approach and a commitment to high standards and customer service. Our clients come to us for our attention to detail, our experience, a "no job is too small" attitude and the friendly atmosphere




EDIT  Spots • Reels • Shorts • Music • Montages • Screens

DIGITIZE SERVICE from all formats of SD videotape to hard drive

Uncompressed, Avid Codec, ProRes, MP4 etc

ENCODE output to file for web, DVD, server, archive

COLOR CORRECT - Eizo accurate color monitoring for reliable correction of images. Panasonic Plasma 55" for flat screen comparison


DVD duplicating, DVD copies, DVD authoring, Blu Ray , DVD capture to file


Blu-ray Masters - from supplied file

Blu-ray Capture - scenes or disc converted to
Quicktime file for editing

Blu-ray copies

Standard DVD - Authoring, Encoding , Menus

Standard DVD - copies 1 - 100

Standard DVD capture scenes or disc for editing

Videotape encoding for the web, file encoding, compression H264, MP4, Quicktime


Encode and compress your media

From videotapes or files we can convert to all the formats needed in todays New Media world. 

Compress to

Quicktime, MP4, H264, WMV, WebM, Ogg, Flv, Swf

for the web

MPEG 1 and 2, M2V, H264 for DVD encoding

Blu-ray prep files and burning

Hi-Def and Standard def

Audio file conversion


Copy videotapes to file or DVD. Old videotapes to Quicktime file or DVD



Videotapes are deteriorating and machines to play them back are becoming more difficult to find. 

At Visual Image we have a wide range of well maintained older format machines.  

Copy those old tapes before it's too late. 

We transfer from videotape to DVD and/or digital Quicktime files for safe storage on hard drive and future editing and viewing.

All these analog formats are available:

1", D2, Digital Betacam, BetacamSP, 3/4", VHS, VHS C, Hi-8, PAL VHS


Audio Tapes

Audio Reels or cassettes copied to CD or audio files : 

Aiff, MP3, Ac3, AAC, 

8mm film transfer to DVD or Quicktime file

8mm and Super 8mm Film Transfer

Transfer your film to hard drive for storage, editing & future projects.

Captured as Quicktime movies, you can edit them, share them, and watch them on your computer.  

Transfer your film to DVD, make copies and view them at home

We can also

EDIT your reels, remove bad sections add titles etc

COLOR CORRECT faded or badly exposed footage

35mm slides or Negative scanned.

35mm Slides, Neg & Print Scanning

Slides, Negatives or prints - scanned and saved as jpeg or tiff files - copied onto data disc or hard drive. 

Color correction and clean up also available